Become a successful lawyer who holds a licence to practice law

Have you completed your high-school and ready to kick-start your career as a Lawyer? It may feel like its creamy sailing from here but, still one has to cover a long distance ahead of you, with ample things to learn to come the way. There is no best time than right now to begin thinking towards your future, and no one better than the experts can show you the right ropes to climb on.

Understand the meaning of a Lawyer:

A lawyer is the one who holds a legal licence to practice the law. They advocate on the interest of their clients and work in another capacity of legal field. It is not necessary that all the lawyers practice law instead some of them complete the graduation just to get a legal licence. The road to becoming a lawyer is a challenging one, thus, it is necessary to start at early age and learn the study habits while still pursuing the high school.

What actually dos a Lawyer do?

Lawyers work in both private and the public sectors. Attorneys who act to represent their clients help them to understand the legal terms and pursue their course of action that is helpful for their client position. This help ranges from giving their client knowledge about their case and formally represent them in the courtroom. Lawyers have to prepare legal documents, deposit trails, conduct depositions, interview witnesses, and argue court motions. For every lawyer, each day is a real challenge and he has to win the race.

Steps to becoming a successful Lawyer:

Unlike every other profession lawyers requires a certain set of skills, here are five steps that will help you in your future:

Step1: Acquire an undergraduate degree:

Each and every law school needs its participant to attain an undergraduate degree. Most of the people who choose the legal field as their career needs CGPA above 3.0. No law School in the whole universe will consider a particular subject thus it is necessary to perform well in all subjects and get a good score.

There is an exception for those who are looking to go with property law. Someone who wishes to practice property law should have a degree in Arithmetic or technical subjects like computer science, biology, electrical engineering, or chemistry. The reason behind this is that the property lawyer has to sit at the bar that requires technical science and maths degree.

Step 2: Write and Law School Admission Test:

In order to be eligible for law school candidate is required to pass in LSAT test. This test is administered around four times each year. LSAT is not the test who will define how you will work in your further course but yes, of course, it will be helpful for all those who have scored less CGPA.

Step 3: Law Degree:

As per the Bureau of Labour statistics, to be eligible for the bar exam, you first require law education that completes with a law degree. In most of the places, you must be a graduate from an accredited law school to take the bar exam. Different law Schools have different requirements for graduation and admission. Law degree requires three continuous years of study in full time and in case of part-time student can take four or five years to get their degree.

Step 4: Multistate professional Responsibility examination:

Before continuing the bar exam, lawyers must write and pass ethics exam that is known as MPRE. It is a two hour exam that consists of 60 MCQs developed by NCBE.

Step 4: Bar Exam:

It is a final step in becoming the lawyer to write and pass in the bar exam. Although it is not an easy exam, the passing rate is around 40%. It consists of essay writing and MCQs that evaluate your knowledge about law and your ability to apply the law in various scenarios.

Why become a Lawyer?

Every lawyer has different motivations for stepping in the legal profession. It is a serious profession that only needs ambition. For people who enjoy the thrill and are curious to attain pride after climbing the corporate ladder and winning the case, the law is the best fit for them. All those people who desire to change the world, the law is enticing as attorneys are powerful.

Updated: May 31, 2019 — 5:10 am

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