Five essentials for a successful Marriage

Success in marriage never comes merely with finding the right mate, but it is being with the right mate.

In the starting years of the relationship, you and your loved brains are bathed with a cocktail of chemicals that brings a feeling of positively high for one another. And you can’t even imagine that you will ever feel differently. All those middle-aged people who sit silently at restaurants, which will never be you two. Or, all those people who are going through an acrimonious divorce, you will surely never find yourself in their shoes. You guys are definitely different. The marriage relationship you both share is surely above average.

Wise couples are aware that a retirement account, latest model car, a nice big home may appear nice to have, but they can never bring happiness to your relationship or can make a successful marriage. They realize that there are too many important principles that play a key role. As a result, they learned to invest their time, energy, and money in the essentials of a healthy marriage.

  1. Communication:

Successful marriage couples communicate with each other as much as possible. They definitely discuss their kid’s schedule, utility list, and grocery list. But this not everything, they discuss their anxieties, fears, dreams, and hopes. They not only discuss the changes that are happening in their kid’s life, rather they discuss the changes that take place in their own souls and hearts. The essential key cannot be overlooked because forthright and honest communication leads to the foundation of so many other things on the list: Trust, Patience, and commitment are just to name a few.

  • Time:

Relationships will never go smoothly without time investment. It never has and it never will. Any successful building block of marriage requires intentional, quality time that you both just spend together. Sadly but true, quality time can rarely happen when the quality time is absent. The relationship with your partner should be the deepest and intimate relationship you have. This clearly means that you have to devote more time to your relationship than any other thing. If possible, try to spare some time each day for your partner. A special dinner or a date-night once in a while can prove to be an advantage.

  • Love Commitment:

Love is not just a word- it is a decision to be with someone forever and ever. It involves more than emotion as portrayed in romantic novels, big screen and television. Feelings obviously come and go, but a decision to be committed in true love lasts forever, and this is what actually defines the true definition of marriage. It is an important decision to be with each other in all ups and downs, good and the bad times. When situations are going well, commitment is actually easy. But pure love is defined by togetherness even in the trails of life.

  • Sexual faithfulness:

The faithfulness in marriage is more than just bodies. It includes our heart, mind, eyes, soul, and everything. In case we built our sexual desires towards some other person, this clearly means that we are cheating on our partner.

  • Honesty and trust:

Whether you are a newly married couple, just begin dating, or you are married since years, honesty and trust are the building blocks of any relationship. Not only in marriage, but the relation between son and mom, Daughter and father, sister-in-law or mother-in-law etc, every relation demanded honesty and trust. It has become the leading foundation for everything that is healthy in a marriage.

Similar to most of the other essentials that are penned down in a list, trust definitely takes time. You can become patient, committed, or selfless in a moment, but yes trust definitely takes some time. Honesty and trust are both inter-related. No matter how big blunder mistake you have committed, you always have to be honest.

Trust is built with the passage of time, it can be a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even a year. You just have to remember who you say you are thinking and what you say you will do. It will obviously take time, but it’s better to start it from today. In case you have to rebuild the trust, in that case, you have to work harder.

Updated: May 31, 2019 — 5:06 am

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