Stay Healthy: 8 Best Ayurvedic Tips to stay cool in summer

There are four different types of season in our country. People welcome every season with lots of happiness, but dealing with summer season is a real difficult task and mostly we hate it. Sweat, skin eruptions, and dehydration are the most common problems that are faced in summer season. However, thanks to the Ayurveda that exercises the philosophy of natural health and has a lot to offer.

One may find many perfumes, deodorants, powders, cold drinks, ice-creams, juices, etc that gives you a part time relaxation from the heat but the use of chemicals and preservatives in the substances makes it harmful for future. Thus, Ayurveda plays a great role here and offers the home remedies that soothes the heat and has no side effects.

According to Dr. Vasant Lad, the famous author of the book “The complete book of Ayurvedic Home remedies”, says summer are sharp, bright, and hot, and brings the season of Pitta with it. Thus, this summer it is advisable to stay cool and do not allow pitta dosha to affect you.

As per Yogi Anoop, the founder at MediYoga, it is really important to intake more food that is alkaline in nature in order to fight the body against heat. Consume the food items that are enriched with water, this not only helps you in re-hydrate but also include antioxidants that keeps you healthy. Include onions, rice, green-veges, and lot of liquid in your diet plan.

Here is a list of few Ayurvedic Tips that will help you to stay cool in summer. Make sure you follow the tips to beat the heat:

Avoid Ice cold drinks: As per our elders and many yogis, you must ensure that the food item you include in your diet, cool your body and gives you the relief from excessive heat. Load-up your stomach with water-rich fruits like- prunes, berries, plums, apples, pears, and watermelon. Pick the vegetables like cucumber, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus.

Avoid Strenuous exercise: Exercising in the morning is beneficial to you in every aspect. No matter whatever is the season, it is always advisable to exercise in the morning as it the coolest part of the day. Indulging in vigorous exercise in other parts of the day may heat up the body.

Avoid hot water and hot drinks: Hot water and hot drinks will give an invitation to the pitta dosha. This is why it is always advisable to drink water or eat something that is at room temperature. Too cold and too hot drink is not only harmful for the body but also harms our digestive system.

Use coconut oil for your rescue: Coconut oil is a real gem in summers. Avoid any other oil that can produce heat in the body, instead make the habit of using coconut oil before bathing. Rub and gently massage your body parts with the coconut oil. Use 5-6 ounces of oil daily. It gives you a calming, soothing effect and further protects the skin against harshness and dryness.

Eat a stable and a timely diet: In summers people consume more water, thus, the stomach is filled with water and the people do not feel hungry. But do not miss your time of eating. Always consume the food when the digestive fire is actually strongest, which is especially during the lunch. Most of the people miss their lunch and consume other things like ice-creams, cold-drinks, and juices , that is real harmful and upset your pitta dosha and further leads you irritated and cranky. Avoid food items that heat you up: Avoid all those food items that can become hazardous and produce heat in your body. Remember in summer our body metabolism too becomes lazy and thus avoid eating the food that is too oily or heavy to digest. Avoid sour and citrus fruits like carrots, beet roots, etc, that tend to increase heat in your body. Limit the intake of salted cheese, sour cream, tomato, garlic, and chilli to avoid hampering the system. Instead eat more salads, which provide cooling, make the habit of including salad in your lunch. Avoid meat products as they produce heat in the body

Updated: June 8, 2019 — 6:13 am

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