Tips to get fit at your work: Some of the best exercises for office employees

If you are sitting at your desk and reading this article, you should stop it right now. Just chill, well don’t stop it, but what it means that after reading the whole article you will definitely end up standing to finish it. Here in this article we will discuss some of the best exercises that you can easily perform while you are at your workplace.

Well, most of the people today are spending too much time in their office, tied to the desk and buried under the pile of emails. Or if you are free then also instead of walking or taking any other relaxation measure you will definitely end up our time wasting on the social networks. This doesn’t mean that you should stop exploring or surfing internet, but while doing that make sure to spend some time performing some simple exercises that can make your life healthy and happy.

Our modern way of lifestyles has been literally engineered and we spend most of our time sitting down and believe it or not this sitting position is killing us.

As per World Health Organization, 3.2 million deaths are attributed due to the lack of physical exercises. The sedentary lifestyle is responsible for increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, bone and muscle related problems. Perhaps what is more alarming is the people who are exercising daily are also at the risk of these diseases. The reason here is spending too much time sitting.

Sitting itself is not a problem but sitting in the wrong postures lead to many problems. Here are 10 simple stretches that you can easily do while sitting at your desk and these will definitely keep you bendy and good.

10 simple stretches at your workplace:

  1. Knee press:

The position stretches the glutes. With the right ankle of your left knee, smartly press o your  right knee for few seconds. Of course, when you are done with the right side, don’t forget to perform the same with the left side.

  • Reach and Bend:

Extend the right arm over the head and try to reach out as far as possible to the left and smartl bend over. Hold the position for few seconds and do it on other side as well.

  • Knee Hugger:

Bent the knee, lift up your right leg and grab it with the arms and pull it towards the chest, as close as you can. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds and don’t forget to do the same on the other side.

  • Seated toy Soldier:

Sit up straight and extend the right arm all the way up towards your ceiling. Straighten the left leg outwards and raise it up as your bring the right arm down and touch it with your left foot. Repeat the same 2-3 times.

  • Chest Opener:

Bring your hands at your back, now press both the palms together, sit up tall and hold the position for 5-10 seconds.

  • Shrugs:

Raise your shoulders towards your ears and hold the position for few seconds and then release. Repeat the same for few times to get good result.

  • Bobblehead:

Dropdown your chin on your chest, slowly and gently roll your head from one side to another.

  • Look around:

Turn your head toward the left and try to look over the shoulders and hold this position for few seconds. Now repeat the same with right side.

  • Reach for the stars:

Interlace your finger like you do when holding your partner’s hand; now reach up to the sky. Stretch it as far as possible, keep your palms facing towards the ceiling.

  1. Rubber neck:

All you need to do is sit straight up and drop the right ear on your right shoulder, no need to touch it, hold it for few seconds. Again, repeat it with the opposite side.

You have now some of the smart tricks and tips that will definitely help you boost your overall physique and reduce your waistline. The most important factor that one must consider while performing the exercises is to be aware about the timing you are spending sitting and getting up doing something.

Updated: June 8, 2019 — 6:12 am

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