What are the points that make a Dating Relationship healthy among youth?

For youngsters, healthy relationship and dating each other is a new and exciting unchartered territory. What is a serious relation exactly and what are the skills on which young people work on when moving on with their partner? If these are the questions in your mind, here is the best answer to every question and by the end of this article, you will be clear with your relationship status.

What exactly is a serious relationship?

If you are in love with someone or are just dating each other there comes a point when where you ask yourself and your partner “What are we”?In case you and your partner or anyone of you expect something different from your relationship, this can be a bit awkward moment for you.

When one is in a serious relationship, in that case, where do you draw the line? Obviously, everyone has a different definition of what does this actually means. In some cases, the idea of a serious relationship will vary in accordance with the cultural lines.

A serious relationship for many of you has to deal with future more than how it is in present. It is all about commitment, that you both will stay together forever and intend to have children.

Communication in a serious relationship:

Smart and healthy communication plays a key role in building a healthy relationship. The first step is: to be sure that both partners are on the same page about their relationship status and understand and agree on each other expectations. Disagreements are of course a natural part of any relation, whether it’s your mom-dad relation or your grandmother-grandfather relation but what makes them stand united, they compromise and resolve the conflicts in a rational and fair way. This helps them to listen to each other and agree on something that is best for them.

Boundaries in a serious relationship:

Privacy! Yes, for a healthy relationship respecting each other privacy is the main building block. Neither of the two has to explain each and share every detail about their life, including where they have been, who they were hanging with, etc. Both the partners should feel free and it is totally their own choice whether they want to share it or not.

Both partners should allow for space and spending some time away from each other. When two people are constantly together, they don’t have any space for the relationship to breathe. So, it is always advisable to spend some time apart and benefit your relation.

Boundaries are not decided to bring a feeling of trapped in a relationship. On the contrary, they are designed so that both the partners can feel free to do the things that they want and spend time with others. It is always good to be more trusting to make boundaries then it is to impose or stipulate restrictions on each other because boundaries actually make the couple more comfortable.

Respect in a serious relationship:

Being in a relationship means that both of you should respect each other. Your partner’s desires, emotions, and feelings should have value. The bottom line is, respect is mandatory in maintaining and building a healthy relationship with anyone.

Both the partners should show respect to each other in different ways. You can do this by listening to each other ideas, understand the boundaries that are being set, and offer encouragement and support. The healthy and smart relationship is all about building each other up and not letting each other down.

What are unhealthy relationships? What are its sign?

For a healthy relationship, it is important that both the partners share their problem. Neither side should use silent treatment, manipulate each other, making threats or demands, call each other name, or should resort to yelling.

In addition, both of them should respect their boundaries. A partner must not restrict him or her from seeing a particular person, demand to know the passwords of various social networking sites, or continuously keep a check on them on all hours of the day. These kinds of deeds are considered unhealthy because in this manner one partner is just trying to suppress the other. Abusive behaviours like- physical threats, yelling, temper tantrums, insults, isolation, manipulation, jealousy, and possessiveness is really not okay.

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